Cabinets and Boxes

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I have been making work in boxes and cabinets since 2013. The earliest work is at the bottom of the page, and the most recent below. Since the cabinets I've been making recently have both an open and a closed state, I have created GIFs to show them in movement. Text beneath the thumbnail images describes the piece depicted. and there is additional text with each enlarged image.

The Closet

The image on the front of the antique oak cabinet is an enlargement of an albumen print photograph of a young man. Inside, on the sides and back of the cabinet, are eight antique albumen print cabinet cards ; inside the door are two early 20th century photographs, one of a Chaplin-esque actor and one of a child with a diploma. The hanging figure is a garment made of buttons over cream-colored silk. Completed in 2015



This cabinet was handmade by Sean McKinney. Inside the doors are enlarged digital images of period photographs. The dresses are made from antique and contemporary buttons, assembled with fine annealed steel wire. 2014


Men's Cabinet

This cabinet has an enlarged digital image of an antique portrait of a man from Jacksonville, Texas. Inside the front cover is a map/diagram describing in concept the contents of the cabinet seen in the third thumbnail above. Clockwise from upper left: A Man's World, Body Care, His Workshop, Outdoor Life, and Home and Family. 2015




I have a long-time interest in pairs, dyads, two-ness. This 2014 piece has two figures from my Parade series -- a human stating his perspective (We want your house and ours too) and an animal and his perspective (We are dying and going away forever). The two are mounted on the top of a cabinet that has eleven pull-out trays, each containing a printed digital scan of a found antique 19th or 20th century black & white photograph that focuses on two people. Each of the photos is over-printed on an etching press with a black or white number "2" block, and mounted in an archival slipcover.


Cabinet of Curiosities

This cabinet, my largest and most complex to date, was repurposed from a dresser with four drawers. I removed the drawers and cut out an aperture in the sides to create three vitrines housing wooden birds with faux scientific names. Each vitrine contains a wooden bird, backed by engravings and text from a reproduction of an eighteenth century natural history accompanied by faux texts of my own composition (you can read these texts in the bird images above). The drawer has three pull-out, pierced trays that riff on women's conventional historical position and experience.


The earliest boxes above date from 2013. After working with simple boxes, I began to want to explore more complex pieces that had doors and drawers that needed to be manipulated.


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